V.I.P City Tour Bus, the ultimate luxury adventure of town

San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is a city that has been known for decades as a place to only layover before heading to some more attractive nature destination during your trip in the country. Nevertheless, its cultural transformation in the last years has been remarkable and the charms of the capital are getting finally the attention they deserve. This year, San José was actually ranked 6th of the World’s Top Destinations “on the rise”, announced by the travel site Tripadvisor.

So don’t miss the bus and get on the ultimate luxury adventure of town, the San José V.I.P City Bus Tour!

The double-decker bus designed to showcase San José

The San José V.I.P City Bus is a 100% guided tour, with both an English and Spanish speaking guide. Despite only being 44.6 km2, the capital of Costa Rica treasures many historical and cultural insights; you’ll know every detail from the guides on board, including some secrets that even locals don’t know!


Discover the capital from an elevated perspective and admire the old houses and buildings’ architecture from above; a unique experience only found in this double-decker bus. Its panoramic view along with the professional guide on board won’t let you miss any details of the city.

Visiting The National Soccer Stadium during the tour


The National Soccer Stadium, the Costa Rican Art Museum, and the Lobby of the National Theater are some of the visits of the tour; along with other important historical landmarks and churches. During your stay in San José you can’t miss the Central Market, which is one of the highlights of the route. Here you’ll find amazing handicrafts and souvenirs to take a little piece of Costa Rica with you.

The V.I.P City Tour Bus also offers Educational Tours


Let’s don’t forget the live music show aboard. You will enjoy songs like “Tan Linda mi Costa Rica” and “De la Caña se hace el Guaro” played by Don Rodolfo and his guitar, both in charge of giving the tour a little bit of Costa Rican rhythm. This old veteran musician knows all the classics! Ask him to play any bolero, tango or Latin American folk song and he will perform it with his eyes closed.

Enjoying live music on board


Together don Rodolfo, the guides, doña Carmen the assistant and the rest of the team, will make you feel the warmth of a Costa Rican family, especially when eating altogether an authentic lunch or dinner, which can be included if you want to. This tour definitely knows how to make you feel like a local!

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