The Tour

The Best City Tour in Costa Rica

A Cultural Tour of Costa Rica

How does our sightseeing bus provide the richest cultural tour in San Jose Costa Rica? With a
perfect combination of: LUXURY, CULTURE, and INNOVATION.


Ours is not your typical tour bus. Ours is a modern and comfortable sightseeing bus that provides an uplifted ride through San Jose Costa Rica. You will learn so much about the country, its people, and the capital city as you tour with us in style.


Our goal is to have you immersed in our friendly culture since the moment we meet you to board our sightseeing tour bus. Be prepared to receive valuable Costa Rican history and insight through a privileged point of view. Our knowledgeable and informative guides will make sightseeing San Jose a delight.


We are the first proper sightseeing bus in Costa Rica. We exist because you wish to hit the city in an entertaining and comfortable manner. Our double decker will put you on top of the busy crowds like no other bus tour in San Jose Costa Rica can do.

VIP City Bus offers the most fun, informative and cultural city tour in San Jose Costa Rica. Our sightseeing bus combines luxury, culture, and innovation in a unique package: a double-decker bus designed to showcase the capital city from an elevated perspective. Join us on a cultural tour of San Jose for insights to Costa Rica’s historical landmarks and a proper
interpretation of what makes this happy and peace loving country so unique in the world. Our tour combines a sightseeing bus ride with guided walks to major attractions in San Jose. The only double-decker sightseeing bus tour in Costa Rica includes:

  • Panoramic views of San Jose
  • 100% guided tour
  • English & Spanish speaking guide
  • Authentic Lunch (optional)
  • Onboard juice and water
  • Short walks and visits to historical landmarks
  • Costa Rican music