Liberia, a city of flavors, history and colorful traditions

Article by Ana Laura González

It was once a small cowboy town, and over time this city has maintained its amazing culture, made of colorful traditions, delicious dishes and golden sunsets.


As the capital of Guanacaste, Liberia is the economic capital of the region. Liberia is known as the “White City” because of the whitewashed walls and colonial architecture seen throughout the city. Travelers with a penchant for the Wild West environment will enjoy visiting the many ranches on the outskirts of the city or the city’s rodeos.

Explore Liberia City wonders in our Vip City Bus


While Liberia is mostly used as a waystation to move on to Guanacaste’s white sand beaches, the capital city is a great place to explore and experience their colorful traditions.


The VIP City Bus tour


Our adventure begins aboard our double-decker bus, our staff will welcome you with a delicious tropical fruit cocktail. Liberia, located in the northwest of Costa Rica, has all the makings of a popular tourist spot: an international airport, a modern churches, an authentic colonial atmosphere, a rich history, and a central park.

Colonial style Liberia Central Park


We will start the journey with our first stop the “Areneros” men dredging river sand, carts pulled by oxen, a beautiful tradition of the country people. This stop will let you observe the wildlife and amazing views of Guanacaste.

The “Areneros”: Men dredging the river sand in Tempisque River.


The second stop is the town of Filadelfia, known as the archaeological city, beautiful local village Large species of Iguanas will welcome us, continuing our trip in the town of Filadelfia we will drive next to large melon plantations that can be seen from our luxury bus.


We will visit the largest city of Guanacaste “Liberia”, to end up in the heart of a coffee plantation, from its roots, its fruits to your cup. bus,


Our Third Stop: “Liberia” The largest city in Guanacaste, the capital city of the province, we will make a tour of Liberia, stopping at the Cathedral of the city, we will visit its Central Park and the interior of its Cathedral.

Liberia’s modern central church and cathedral In Guanacaste.


During the fourth stop: Grand Nicoya, you’ll discover the heart of the coffee plantation. We will start making our coffee tour from its origins in small plants, to finish in tasty coffee cup, all this combined with full explanations of the process of the sugarcane.


After tasting our local rum “Cacique”, our grand finale of the day with Costa Rican music dance show and souvenir shopping time. Discover the Costa Rican culture with us, we immerse ourselves in the beauty of small towns, surrounded by large plantations of sugarcane and melon, an important part of the local economy.

Experience and taste the unique coffee tradition


Liberia has history hidden in every corner but exposed on the people’s faces, and culture that comes from centuries ago and is still vivid in everyday life. Come to explore the Liberia wonders in our luxury VIP City Bus.


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