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VIP CITY BUS mix education, culture and innovation, it give us a unique educational tour at the city. Our double decker bus will offer you a dynamic and interactive tour at the city. Focus to acquaint and teach to student’s real Costar Rican history and culture in creative way

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  • Foment Costa Rican culture
  • Give to student’s knowledge and location to the main historic sites of the city.
  • Highlight history and the importance of the relevant events that marked the course of Costa Rica in a dynamic and interactive form.
  • Apply tests for qualifications.
  • Promoting the second language through bilingual tour guide.   (English to Spanish, Spanish to English).
  • Is possible personalize the tour depending of the teacher.


  • Live typical music show aboard.
  • Unique tourists double decker’s buses in downtown.
  • We can adapted to different educational needs of each institution.
  • Personalize tour guide.
  • Roundtrip transportation.
  • Walking tours at the principals attractions of the city.
  • Courtesy tickets for teacher and administrative staff.
  • Groups of 40 to 67 children + 4 courtesies (teachers).
  • WI-FI.


  • Welcome Natural drink.
  • Entrance to the field of the National Soccer Stadium.
  • Bilingual Tour Guide.
  • Live typical music show.
  • Roundtrip transportation to the school.
  • Interactives walking tours.
  • Break (Optional).


  • National Soccer Stadium.
  • Costa Rican Art Museum.
  • Lobby of the National Theater.
  • Democracy Plaza.
  • National Monument.