The best city tour in Costa Rica!

San Jose City Bus Tour VIP City Bus Costa Rica

Vip City Bus has the best city tour in Costa Rica at your disposal. Our unique sightseeing double decker bus will take you to downtown San Jose from your hotel to witness the city’s main historical landmarks for an immersive and panoramic cultural experience and a better understanding of Costa Rica’s evolution. Our favorite places to visit for a guided walk in San Jose include Costa Rica’s cherished National Theater (lobby), Art Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral the old and authentic Central Market, the impressive Gold Museum (lunch tour), an in-depth description of the National Monument, and the influential historical episode that took place at the Democracy Plaza. Our VIP City Bus tour will take you comfortably and safely through San Jose’s narrow and busy streets driving by beautiful outdoor city attractions. The living city is our museum.


VIP Double Decker Bus + Welcome Natural Local Drink + Bilingual Guide + Folklore Music + Authentic Lunch + Round Trip Hotel Transfer + Guided Walking tours to (Gold Museum (lunch tour), Art Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral, National Monument, Central Market (shopping) and National Theather Lobby)

Our schedules:

Vip City Tour with Lunch / Con Almuerzo
10:30 am to 3:00 pm

Includes: VIP Double decker Bus + Bottled Water + Bilingual Guide + Authentic Lunch + Round Trip Hotel Transfer Walking tours: National Theater Lobby, Art Museum , Shopping at Central Market, Gold Museum and National Monument.

Vip City Afternoon Tour with Dinner/ Tour de la Tarde con cena
03:15 pm to 07:00 pm

Includes: VIP Double decker Bus + Bottled Water + Bilingual Guide + Authentic Dinner + Round Trip Hotel Transfer Walking Tours: National Theater Lobby, Art Museum, Shopping at Central Market, Metropolitan Cathedral, Plaza de la Democracia, Central Avenue and National Monument.

Vip Night Tour with Dinner and Drinks / Tour Nocturno con Cena y Bebidas
06:45 pm to 10:00 pm

Includes: Double decker bus  –  Imperial Beer Aboard – Bilingual Guide – Roundtrip Transportation to hotel –  Dinner with shots or beers. Walking Tours: Plaza la Cultura – Corte Suprema- Monumento Nacional – Barrio Amón Live music show is available if is a group.

VIP West Wonder Tour Indigenous Reserve
9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Includes: Double decker bus- welcome cocktail – round trip transportation to hotel- Authentic lunch – Tour Guided by local experts- Entrance and activities in Indigenous Reserve- Guided walking tours at local towns – Marimba live show and ride on the Oxcart pulen by Oxen

An amazing luxury bus ride

We are the first tourist bus in Costa Rica! With this in mind we wanted to start as it should, with a totally innovative bus service where the star is YOU and the city to make the experience complete. It is not about going form point A to point B, our goal is that all your trip is a delightful and fun experience.


Best of the culture

Costa Rica is synonymous with culture and we wanted to reflect it from the first moment you set foot in our bus. Feel the Costa Rican culture from the very beginning to the end with our rich culture exposure through our knowledge of the city, sample our culture and cuisine in the bus all the way through!


The VIP CITY BUS is not the traditional tourist bus, our modern bus has two plants filled with pure style and luxury from head to toe! Feel like you deserve it and prepare to enjoy the trip!

Declared Of Cultural Interest by the Costa Rican
Authorities in the Ministry of Culture.

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